Drive Steady. Be Patient. Have Mercy.

About M.A. Driving School

Joan Brown

Co-Founder, Driving &
Classroom Instructor



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 Michael Heinlen

Driving & Classroom Instructor


Joan Brown

I could write a full book about why Joan is a PRICELESS TREASURE. With all her help and friendship, we managed to establish M.A. Driving School together. I'm forever grateful for being introduced to her!!

Joan grew up on Anderson Island, has raised two fabulous kids and now resides in Enumclaw with her husband. Since earning a degree in Social Work at the Univeristy of Portland, Joan has worked with children and young adults for over 30 years as a social worker and an educator including many years working in the White River School District as a Career Counselor. Joan keeps active in her community as a volunteer at Cops for Kids, Juvenile Court, and the Danish Sisterhood. She also enjoys cruising on her husband's motorcycle, spending time with her family, reading and hiking.

Joan is one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. If she senses you are having a bad day, count on her asking, "How can I help?"

Beverly Martinez

Founder & Owner

After my third child was born, I found myself soul searching and not looking forward to returning to work at the USPS.  I was 39 and had been employed at the Enumclaw Post Office for 23 years; as much as I appreciated my job, I could not imagine working there until retirement. As my mind and heart were searching, I enrolled my daughter in a Driver Ed program in our community. Her experience of Driver Ed was less than positive and her negative comments and experiences got me very interested and curious about the Traffic Safety Industry. Once the research process began, I quickly discovered I love EVERYTHING about this business. With the company of friends with positive attitudes, perseverance and faith these closest VIPs got me through the very long process of paperwork, planning, waiting, training, road blocks, detours and delays and finally made M.A. Driving School LLC a reality. I am forever thankful to these friends and all of my past and present employees along the way who have helped make this dream a reality!

On July 7, 2005, we were approved to open our Traffic Safety Education school. As the years passed, M.A. soon grew to the point that I no longer had time to work for the USPS while running our driving school. So, on April 20, 2008, with my stomach in knots and my heart rate climbing, I called my USPS supervisor to resign. I'm ever so grateful for the time I was employed there. My work schedule at the USPS allowed me to bring this business to life!! I can now focus on my family and business and the joy of living these dreams.

Our Driver Education course is approved by the WA Department of Licensing. Our Instructors are all CPR certified. We enjoy achieving continuing education for renewals of our Driver Instructor License which keeps us informed about improvements, new laws and updates. Being a parent of three and owner of M.A., I am committed to promoting safe driving skills for every customer's LIFETIME of driving. Driving is a LIFE-SKILL - it really takes five years of driving experience for your teen to no longer be a novice driver. At M.A., we're excited to join you for the beginning of this journey!

We are so very grateful to be a part of the Traffic Safety Industry in the fabulous city of Sumner, WA.