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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Knowledge Test

Who can take the Knowledge Test?

You are eligible to test at 15 ½ or older even if you are not enrolled in a Driver Education course. If you are under 15 ½ but have completed and passed Driver Ed, you are eligible to take the Knowledge Test immediately during our KNOWLEDGE TESTING hours, which is posted on our HOMEPAGE.

¿Quién puede tomar la examen de conocimiento?                               Usted es  elejible para hacer el exam a la edad de 15 ½ o mayor aunque no este en uno de los cursos de eduaction de manejo. Si usted tiene 15 ½ de edad oh menos, pero a pasado la clase de education de manejo , es elegible para tomar el examen de conocimiento imedatamente durante nuestras horas de oficina.

If I fail the Knowledge Test, when can I retake it?

You may retake immediately on the same day, but the last test is given 45 minutes prior to closing time. Or come back another day during our Knowledge Testing days/times.

Si no pase el examen de conocimiento cuando lo piuedo hacer otra ves?

Usted puede tomar el examen ese  mismo dia imediatamente, el ultimo examen lo damos 45 minutos antes de cerar la officina.


Do I need to make an appointment to take the Knowledge Test?

No, walk-ins are welcome. No appointment is necessary for the Knowledge Test. Please click on the License Testing Tab to view details about bringing PROOF OF IDENTITY for the Knowledge Test.

Knowledge tests are administered on the following days:


 Your PIC# (Personal Identification Code) / Permit# / WA I.D.# / WA 

Your PIC# (Personal Identification Code) / Permit# / WA I.D.# / WA Driver License #) is required at testing time.  Payment is required at time of testing.  The testing fee is $30 cash/check  & $30.75 credit/debit card.  This fee is good for two attempts

¿Necesito hacer una cita para tomar lel examen de conocimiento?    No, simplemente vengan a las horas de oficina para el examen. No de conocimiento.  Revisen bajo la seccion de licencia bajo license testing para ver los detalles sobre traer la PRUEBA DE LA IDENTIDAD para el examen de conocimiento.

Los examenes de conocimiento se administran en los días siguientes:





In what languages is the Knowledge Test available?

The Knowledge Test is available in: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese And Spanish.

Questions About the Drive Skills Test

I have passed the Knowledge Test, What's next?

Upon passing the Knowledge Test, You are now eligible to take the Skills Drive Test at any driving school that offers the Skills Drive Test as a service.                       *Effective May 18,2017 , M.A. Driving School NO LONGER offers the Skills Drive Test as a service.

Questions about Driver's Ed

Am I enrolled in Driver's Ed at M.A. Driving School when I complete the submission form?

Yes, if we have received payment and the required Driver Education forms.   

No if we have not received payment and the required driver ed forms. You can print off these forms by clicking on the Resources page.

Can I be late for my driver ed class or leave my driver ed class early?

No. All students need to arrive on time and be present for the full class period. If you know you will be more than 5 minutes late, consider it to be an absence. Washington state has strict requirements for the Driver Ed Schools Programs. M.A. Driving School LLC is bound to adhere to all WA State requirements.

When do I have to have my Behind-the-Wheel drives completemMakeup Class Lessons?

Your first 3 Behind-the-Wheel drives should be completed before your last classroom lesson (lesson #15). All 5 of your BTW drives must be completed prior to your course expiry date which is 90 days from your 1st classroom lesson (This date is also given to you on your 1stt day of class.)

Incomplete BTW lessons are $60 each

Incomplete Classroom lessons are $20 each

Can I miss a class? How do I make-up a missed class?

Yes, you may miss up to  (3) classes, however, all missed classes must be made up. Make up dates are entered on your online account when attendance is taken the following day during business hours. You can view your make-up dates by logging into your online account and viewing your itinerary. Upon your teens return from an absence, your teen will also see the makeup date listed on his/her class sign-in sheet. All make-up class dates are approximately 3 weeks ahead of your teen's absence.  If you fail to be present at a make-up class date, a fee of $20 will apply for an additional make-up date. This fee must be paid before we issue another makeup date.

I don't know when my make up class is?

Sign into your M.A. online account to view your class schedule and make up classes. Make up classes are updated daily online during business hours only. You can also view the column titled make up class dates on your student record form, the sheet you sign in on for class each session.

Be advised, if you are in the M/W class session your class makeup date(s) will be with the T/TH class session. If you are in the T/TH class session your class makeup date(s) will be with the M/W class session.

How do I go about completing Driver's Education once the course has ended and I still have incomplete items?

contact us @  l ( with your name, original course start date,  and the best phone number or email to us to reply. Please Note: You may be subject to additional fees if you have exceeded (90 days) allotted for course completion as per our policies and guidelines for students enrolled from May 2013 to present. Our late fees are as follows:

  • Make-up class lessons are $20 per lesson.
  • Make-up BTW lessons are $60 per drive.
  • There is no fee to make-up the Driver Ed Class Final Test. No appointment is needed to take this test, come in Monday or Wednesday only at 4:30 pm sharp. Be advised as to our closed dates due to holidays.

I cant login into my old account?


We will have to re-activate your account: upon your request via email or by phone during our business hours. We are always CLOSED ON WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS.

Behind-The-Wheel Questions

When are my drives?

Sign into your M.A. student account to register for drives and to view your drive schedule. You will need to enter your driver permit # and the expiration date in order to schedule. M.A. recommends you memorize your driver permit # as it will be your driver license # once you are licensed.

My account is asking for my permit info what do I do?

Have your permit handy when you log into your account to schedule drives because to view BTW Course Periods, you will be asked to enter your permit number and expiry date. You will need to do this in order to schedule drives. Your permit number is located on the upper right of your permit and begins with the first few letters of your last name. Also, remember to bring your permit to every BTW drive appointment: No permit = No drive plus a $50 reschedule fee.

My username isn't working.

Username: Your username is  your Teen's first letter of their name, middle initial, last name, birth month and birth date (all lower case). (EXAMPLE: mnsmith0515). Still having trouble logging in? Please contact us during our business hours listed on the website via text, email or phone and we will be happy to assist you.


My password isn't working.

 You can now reset your password through the forgot password link on the homepage under the login/ sign in. Just follow directions.

I'm still unable to login.

There may be a typo in your username or password. Email your concern to M.A. at We will correct the problem and reset your password to the student's name in this format: jenny.smith. You may change this password at any time. We will make every effort to reply regarding your concern within 24 hours. Please note our business hours are M/W 10-5:30, T/TH 10-3:30, F: 9:30-1:30, closed weekends. Account concerns are addressed during business hours. Thank you for your patience. 

Private Drive Questions

How do I go about scheduling Private Drive?

If you have completed a Driver Education course or are 17 ½ or older and would like additional instruction before taking the Drive Skills Test, you can do Private Lessons at M.A. Driving School. Private lessons are available for any driver needing additional instruction with a WA certified instructor. For your safety and the safety of others, we encourage those who have not completed Driver Education to do Private Drive lessons prior to attempting the Drive Skills Test.

Private Drives are $60/hour (cash/check) plus a one-time required $5 scheduling fee.  We recommend scheduling five 1-Hour Private Drive lessons. You must have a current WA Driver Permit to schedule Private Drive Lessons.

To schedule Private Drives:  

- If you haven't taken Driver Ed with us (or were our student prior to June 26, 2014) you must first create an online account at If you already have an online account, contact us to reactivate it.

- When completing the online account form, once you've select your school, click on the Available Packages list and select One, Two, Three, Four or Five Private Drive Lessons. 

- You can now pay for your drives with a credit card online or pay cash/check at M.A. during business hours.

- Complete and submit the Private Drive Policies & Guidelines form and a Behind the Wheel Card. These can be retrieved on our website under the Resources tab or at M.A. during business hours.

- Schedule your drives online by logging into your account and selecting 2016/2017 Course Periods to view available times. Enter your permit# and expiry date. Using the calendar, select a 1-hr drive time for each of your drives.

- Bring your valid permit to every drive lesson, it's the law.. You may not drive with an expired permit.

- Arrive prepared and on time for your Private Drive Lessons. 


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