Driver Education FAQ

Knowledge Test

Who can take the Knowledge Test?

If I fail the Knowledge Test, when can I retake it?

Do I need to make an appointment to take the Knowledge Test?

In what languages is the Knowledge Test available?

What happens after I pass the Knowledge Test?

Driver Education

Am I enrolled in driver ed at M.A. Driving School when I complete the submission form?

Can I be late for my driver ed class or leave my driver ed class early?

Can I miss a class? How do I make-up a class?

When is my make up class?

How do I complete driver education once the course has ended and I still have incomplete items?


When do I have to have my behind-the-wheel drives completed?

When are my drives?

Account Access

I cant login into my old account?

My account is asking for my permit info what do I do?

My username isn't working.

My password isn't working.

I'm still unable to login.

Private Drives

How do I go about scheduling private drive?